Special Session 8 (SS8):

Special Session 8 (SS8):

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 3:30-5:00 pm

Author Education and Information Workshop

Location:                             Tikahtnu Ballroom E

 Convener/Organizer/Speaker:        Ross Chapman, Editor in Chief     IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering

Email addresss of Converner          chapman@nulluvic.ca

 Session Format:              Presentation and Discussion

Attendance:             Open to all registered for OCEANS’17 and those with Exhibit Only Pass

 Session Description:

The workshop is designed to provide information for authors about publishing peer-reviewed research papers in the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.  Part of the format of the workshop will be as a short presentation to address basic questions such as:

The last question in the list is certainly not the least important.  Authors need to understand the policies about duplication of publication and plagiarism at the Journal, and be aware of the procedures for revealing previous history of publication of research work.  The workshop also includes comments about our expectations for reviewerswhat constitutes a good review?   The workshop invites questions from authors.