Special Session 6 (SS6): Wednesday September 20, 2017 10:30 – 12:00

Title: Tsunami Warning Systems: Detection, Warning and Emergency Preparedness Efforts around the World

Tikahtnu Ballroom C

Name of Organizer and email contact: Stephen Holt, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc., at: stephen.m.holt@nullnasa.gov

Name of Co-Chairs: Paul Huang, Deputy Director US NTWC (NOAA/NWS) and Stephen Holt (Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc.)

Email Contact of Organizer: stephen.m.holt@nullnasa.gov

Session Format: Presentation and Discussion (See list of Presenters below)

 Attendance: Open to all attending OCEANS’17 and Exhibition Pass Holders

 Session Description:

 With the ever existing threat from tsunamis affecting the world’s coastal areas, it is desired to have a session to raise important issues related to the National Tsunami Detection, Forecast, Warning and Preparedness capability. We have several excellent speakers giving presentations related to the NOAA/NWS National Tsunami Program. We also have two presentations involving recent technical developments related to tsunami detection and emergency preparedness in other parts of the world. In summary, we are focused on:

  1. Overview of the tsunami threat, and our strategy for addressing the threat both domestically in the United States and in concert with our International Partners. We address the Program’s basic capability activities such as our observing networks, our Tsunami Warning Centers to include our relationship with the USGS, and our education, mitigation and outreach activities.
  2. Science and Technology advancements and gaps. This would include a review of seismic detection and analysis capabilities to include initiatives such as finite fault algorithm applications for large earthquakes, and GPS-based deformation techniques. We would also review the latest sea-level detection capabilities such as the 4th generation DART buoys, as well as the operational employment of the PMEL-developed Standby Inundation Forecast Tsunami (SIFT). We would also touch on efforts to address non-seismically generated tsunamis (e.g., Meteorological or impact-based tsunami sources). We will even examine the latest advances in tsunami detection at long ranges by HF ocean radar and also the use real time data collection from a tsunami buoy network for tsunami early warnings.
  3. Emergency Management and Preparedness. This would include describing our latest tsunami alerting graphical products aimed at supporting local EM decisions, a complete revision to the National Weather Service’s TsuanmiReady program and guidelines, and an update on out tsunami alerting protocols that take advantage of developments in the social sciences.

The intended audience ranges from students to academics to government and industry representatives, interested in the field of tsunami detection, warning and emergency preparedness.

Agenda Topics

10:30 – 10:50     Introduction to session – Paul Huang and Stephen Holt

Panelist Michael Angove, Director (Acting) US NTWC; Tsunami Program Lead (NOAA/NWS).  The Future of Global Tsunami Detection and Warning

10:50-11:10          Panelist Paul Whitmore, Director (Retired) US NTWC (US) – Tsunami Warning Operations

11:10-11:30          Conference Paper Presentation by Paul Huang, Deputy Director US NTWC (NOAA/NWS) –  Real-Time Earthquake Monitoring and Tsunami Warning Operations at the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center (paper 170306-114)

11:30-11:50          Conference Paper Presentation by Michael Burgy, Lead ElectronicsTechnician,  US NTWC  (NOAA/NWS)  – U.S. National Tsunami Warning System – Tsunami Gauge Development and Implementation) (paper 170306-092)

11:50-12:10          Conference Paper Presentation by Mal Heron, James Cook University (Australia)   Tsunami Detection at Long Ranges by HF Ocean Radar, (paper 170305-024)

12:10-12:30          Panelist R. Venkatesan, National Institute of Ocean Technology (Chennai, India),  Advancement and  challenges in real time data collection  from tsunami buoy network for tsunami early warning

12:30                  Adjourn for Lunch


(1) Michael Angove, Director (Acting) US NTWC; Tsunami Program Lead (NOAA/NWS) – Topic Title: The Future of Global Tsunami Detection and Warning

(2) Paul Whitmore, Director (Retired) US NTWC (US) – Topic Title: Tsunami Warning Operations

(3) Paul Huang, Deputy Director US NTWC (NOAA/NWS) – Topic Title: Real-Time Earthquake Monitoring and Tsunami Warning Operations at the U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center (paper 170306-114)

(4) Michael Burgy, Lead Electronics Technician, US NTWC (NOAA/NWS) – Topic Title: U.S. National Tsunami Warning System – Tsunami Gauge Development and Implementation) (paper 170306-092)

(5) Mal Heron, James Cook University (Australia), Topic Title: Tsunami Detection at Long Ranges by HF Ocean Radar, (paper 170305-024)

(6) R. Venkatesan, National Institute of Ocean Technology (Chennai, India), Topic Title: Advancement and challenges in real time data collection from tsunami buoy network for tsunami early warning