Special Session 5 (SS5): Thursday September 21, 2017, 08:30 – 10:00

Science Communication: Ocean Engagement Through Storytelling, Social Media, and Message Framing

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 Name of Convener/Organizer: Paul Racette, NASA Goddard, IEEE Earthzine, and Jenny Woodman

 Email Contact of Organizer: paul.e.racette@nullnasa.gov or jennywoodmanwrites@nullgmail.com

Session Format: Training Presentation, Q&A

Attendance: Open to all attending OCEANS’17 and Exhibition Pass Holders

From Moby Dick to Finding Nemo, literature and the arts are chock-full of stories that reveal

the mysteries of the oceans while captivating audiences. Technical papers and peer reviewed

articles, while essential components of scientific work, don’t typically lure the public or even experts beyond a narrow field of interest. How do you capture the public’s attention (or your colleague’s) when you’re talking about your ocean-related research and development? Good storytelling, on the other hand, captures the imagination and gets people excited to learn more. Everybody loves a good story!

Join us for this workshop, where we’ll explore the ingredients of a good story. We’ll present

some of our lessons learned and best practices. And, we’ll leave room for workshopping ideas

for attendees. Students, early-career and seasoned professionals, do you have a story you need

help telling? Are you using social media to highlight your efforts? Bring your ideas and we’ll

discuss them. You will leave armed with tools and resources for connecting others with your

work. Even if you’re not the next Herman Melville, there’s an adventure that rivals Dori’s

quest in finding the story to make your point.

Workshop Leaders:

Paul Racette is a Senior Engineer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where he

develops microwave remote sensing instruments. He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of

IEEE Earthzine that serves as an online source for news, articles and educational materials

about Earth science, observations and users of Earth information for the international Earthobserving community.

Jenny Woodman is a science writer and educator for IEEE Earthzine. She is also a 2017

Science Communication Fellow with Ocean Exploration Trust; in August, Woodman will

spend two weeks on board E/V Nautilus exploring Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary,

live streaming dives and using social media to with engage students and the public-at-large.

IEEE Earthzine is a publication of the OES that features stories and technical papers from

around the world about research, technology, environmental policy, and new and emerging

observing technologies. Earthzine also runs student and early career development programs

focused on mentoring students and early career professionals through the publication process.

Materials Needed: Mac-capable connection to projector and screen