Special Session 17 (SS17): Thursday September 21, 2017, 10:30 – 12:00

 Forum on IEEE OES Implementation Plan for Promotion, Publicity, and Outreach

 Location:            K’enakatnu Executive Boardroom

Name of Convener/Organizers:

Paul Racette, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jay Pearlman, University of Colorado

Email Contact of Organizers: paul.e.racette@nullnasa.gov or jay.pearlman@nullieee.org

Session Format:                  Open forum, Q&A

Attendance: Open to all attending OCEANS’17 and Exhibition Pass Holders

How can the OES expand its relevance to the global community with interests in oceans and water?

The OES supports a global community with interest in oceanic and hydrologic science, engineering, and practices through research, development, education, capacity building and training activities. Today’s OES PPO resources and activities include:

Over the past year, the OES developed an implementation plan for Promotion, Publicity, and Outreach (PPO) that seeks to increase its impact on communities with which it engages through coordinating its PPO activities and resources. This open forum seeks to inform forum participants of OES’ PPO plan details and feedback regarding the status and planned activities.

Materials Needed: Mac-capable connection to projector and screen

Forum Leaders:

 Paul Racette is a Senior Engineer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where he develops microwave remote sensing instruments. Dr. Racette serves as editor-in-chief of IEEE Earthzine

Jay Pearlman is an adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado and co-owner of J&F Enterprise. Dr. Pearlman serves as member of the OES Administrative Committee.