Special Session 16 (SS16): Wednesday September 19, 2017, 13:30-15:00

Technology to better understand fish interactions with ocean (and river) energy devices

Location:               Tubughnenq 4

Name of Convener/Organizer:     Shari Matzner, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Email Contact of Organizer: Shari.Matzner@nullpnnl.gov

Session Format:       Panelists and Discussion

Attendance: Open to all attending OCEANS’17 and Exhibition Pass Holders


Understanding how energy devices can coexist with fish is critical to building a

sustainable ocean energy sector. There is a lack of scientific data for modeling risk and

designing effective mitigation strategies due, in part, to the difficulties in making observations of

fish behavior in energetic environments around energy devices. Ocean energy and healthy

fisheries are key topics at this conference; let’s take the opportunity to engage in a focused

discussion around data gaps, technical challenges to acquiring relevant data, and potential

solutions that are practical from an industry perspective.

This session aims to represent 3 perspectives:

1. Biological/Fishery Science – what data is needed?

2. Engineering/Technology – how could that data be acquired?

3. Energy Industry – what are the concerns/constraints for deployment and operations?

Shari is giving a talk on this topic and chairing the session on Energy from the oceans,

coasts and rivers 1 in the same room on the same day, Wednesday Morning at 10:30.

The goal is encourage the energy industry, those working on these technologies, fisheries

biologists and resource managers alike to attend to address these questions.