Special Session 12 (SS12): Thursday September 21, 2017 08:30 – 10:00

TITLE: Tightly, Loosely and Uncoupled GNSS/INS sensors and their applications.

 Tikahtnu Ballroom B

 Name of Organizer:    Nathan Keys, Measutronics Corporation

 Email Contact of Organizer:  Nathan_Keys@nullmeasutronics.com

 Session Format:        Training Presentation and Q&A

 Attendance:                   Open to all attending OCEANS’17 and Exhibition Pass Holders

Brief Description:

 In multibeam survey, the interaction between the GNSS unit providing position and an inertial unit providing orientation is classified into three main categories: tightly coupled, loosely coupled, and uncoupled. This special session will outline the differences between each category as well as describe positives and negatives of each type of coupling. Then we will cover specific applications for each category and how they can be used in dredging projects to provide real-time multibeam updates as well as as-built multibeam surveys.

Session Goals:

  1. Learn the differences between tightly, loosely, and uncoupled GNSS/INS sensors.
  2. Be able to identify which of the above categories benefits different ranges of applications.
  3.  Learn how different sensor coupling can aid in the efficiency of dredging in both real-time and post-processed.