Below are listed a number of exhibits which will  be of interest to the general public, STEM students, engineers, scientists and other with an interest in technologies used to work in and on the oceans.  Check them out,  scroll through the whole list, follow the links, then plan to visit the exhibit hall on OCEANS 17 Anchorage.  You’ll have fun and learn a lot.

BOOTH 903   PPR ALASKA         Demonstrations all day each day in the exhibit hall

PPR Alaska has developed a revolutionary oil skimming system that outperforms all other skimmers on the market, in an easily transportable package. Otter Series Skimmers achieve oil recovery efficiency greater than 98%, recover oil at up to 6 knots in six-foot seas, and performs well in ice conditions. Otter Series Skimmers utilize a patented vacuum recovery chamber which doesn’t rely on mechanical means like disks, drums or Oleophilic brushes. Ice and slush do not impede the collection and separation process. Otter Series Skimmers recover weathered, emulsified, and foamed oil, as well as light volatiles such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel, while achieving recovery down to a 1-micron sheen. Otter Series Skimmers can be used in open seas, inland rivers, swift water and soil applications with its dredging tool.


BOOTH 419   S9 (Soundnine Inc.) Introduces High Accuracy OEM Temperature Sensors   PRESS RELEASE  August 31, 2017

S9’s new OEM Digital Temperature Sensors are ideal for integration on underwater instrumentation, drifting buoys, ROVs, AUVs, or industrial and laboratory applications. They offer high accuracy and stability, extreme durability, low cost and easy integration.

Two mechanical configurations are offered; a screw-in type having 7/16-20 threads commonly used on underwater bulkhead connectors, or plain shank version. The screw-in type has an optional screw-on probe guard. Both are available with wire leads or solder connections. The serial interface can be either RS-232 or 3.3V logic level. The sampling interval is user programmable and sampling starts automatically when the sensor is powered.  Temperature data in degrees C are output in ASCII characters (ex.  tt.tttt)

Range:                                 – 5 to +45°C                                  

Accuracy:                  ± 0.005°C (-2 to +35°C)

Stability:                        0.00025°C/month

Resolution:                 0.0001°C

Time constant:              less than 1 second

Supply Voltage:            5 – 28 VDC

Current consumption:    10 mA max.

Depth Rating:               6,000 m

For more information, email:


* The Boxfish 360 is an underwater 360 video/stills camera specifically designed for use in the field by single operators. Researchers can’t bring all of the world to the Arctic, but with the Boxfish 360 they can easily bring the Arctic to the world, creating unique teachable moments that would be impossible in other learning settings.  The Boxfish 360 is the only 360 camera that’s specifically calibrated for underwater use, has a runtime of three hours, depth rating of 300m, and comes with an App that creates ready-to-render project files, removing much of the work and headache from post-production. It also records depth, temperature, and compass heading along with the video and stills. This data can be integrated into informative captions or HUD-style overlays. * The Boxfish ROV is a small, lightweight (25kg) ROV that transmits live 4K video from a high quality large-sensor camera such as the Sony A7S/R II and can dive to a depth of 1000m. With 20000 Lumen video lights and accessory rails for other equipment, the battery-powered Boxfish ROV can greatly enhance a expedition’s in-water abilities without requiring a large vessel or specialised surface support equipment.  Intelligent auto-stabilisation, six degrees of freedom propulsion, and unparalleled situational awareness from onboard surround view navigation cameras make it very easy to pilot and considerably increase the scope of what can be achieved per dive.

Designed for habitat observation, educational outreach and inspection, the large sensor underwater 360 camera and ROV from Boxfish Research lets you record several hours of full-spherical 360 video, and live stream uncompressed 4K-UHD video from up to 1000m depth





Here are a few links to provide discussion on a number of underwater lighting products.








BOOTH  602               UNIT PROCESS/ THERMON

Thermon provides solutions for freeze protection, temperature maintenance and snow and ice melting systems on arctic vessels and structures. These systems create a safe working environment to ensure the safety of personnel and the operation. With over 60 years in the trace heating industry, Thermon is a proven leader in providing heating solutions for offshore and maritime applications.


Thermon has developed a sustainable and reliable comprehensive range of products for the extreme environmental conditions of offshore support and supply vessels, icebreakers, semi-submersible drill ships and platforms.

Three basic winterization design philosophies apply:

In Arctic offshore environments the formation of ice on ships and offshore platforms can not only affect operations, but impact safety systems and personnel evacuation. Icing is not only caused by the weather (snow, rain and fog) but also by freezing sea spray.

Thermon is now introducing a new concept in surface heating to address Anti-Icing and De-icing walkways and stair steps: “PolarPanel” Anti-Icing Heating Modules. PolarPanel Heating Modules represent the most durable, most reliable heating system of its type.

For more information on PolarPanel, see:


The SVS-603 Wave Height Sensor is a highly accurate MEMS-based sensor that reports heading, wave height, wave period and wave direction via RS-232 or logs to its on-board data logger. The SVS-603 represents a new generation in accuracy and completeness for wave sensing electronics whose features include:

The SVS-603 can be used to replace existing sensors, to upgrade existing buoys, or to add wave sensing capabilities to even the most compact buoys.

Or check out the SeaView Systems’ SurfROVer

At home in the challenges of the littoral zone as well as subsea, SeaView’s unique SurfROVer vehicle is capable of traversing from shore into depths of up to 300 meters. Its powerful battery powered propulsion system makes it ideal for specialized applications such as route surveys and UXO surveys.

SurfROVer has been fitted with sonar, HD video, and acoustic measurement systems. It can track position using a GPS mast for still water conditions or can be operated with an available inertial navigation system that allows it to be controlled via umbilical or with a remote control.

The low-profile design and wide footprint creates an extremely stable vehicle for high energy environments and provides an excellent platform for deployment of a cable/pipeline tracker.


SurfROVer can be controlled via unpowered fiber umbilical or RF (with mast mounted antenna or antenna float system). Position monitoring can be achieved with either on-vehicle GPS (with mast, restricted to lower surf conditions and depths to 6 meters) or available INS capable of accuracies to 0.1 meter

Contact SeaView Systems at



Booth Deep SUNA Nitrate Sensor

The Deep SUNA nitrate sensor is the ultimate solution for monitoring nitrate concentrations with AUVs in deep ocean environments to 2000 m.

Based on the proven MBARI-ISUS nitrate sensor, the Deep SUNA has been redesigned for easy integration with AUVs of all types. Deep SUNA provides real time, chemical-free nitrate calculations in deep ocean environments using Sea-Bird Scientific’s advanced UV absorption technology.

Deep SUNA features include:

For AUV integration details, please ask about our third party integration experience. If you have any questions, please contact

Note: The Deep SUNA is designed to be more aerodynamic than the SUNA V2 and its use on a AUV should not alter the speed significantly. The Deep SUNA sample rate is the same as the SUNA V@ – 1Hz.