Special Session 7 (SS7)

Special Session 7 (SS7):

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 3:30-5:00 pm

Demonstrating Pathways of Access to Near-Real Time Oceanographic Data from the NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Holders

Location:                             Tikahtnu Ballroom C

 Convener/Organizer/Speaker:         Greg Ulses,        gulses@nulloceanleadership.org

 Organizer:                                                   Leslie Smith,     lsmith@nulloceanleadership.org

 Session Format:              Demonstration Workshop

Attendance:             Open to all registered for OCEANS’17 and those with Exhibition Hall

 Session Description:

Figure 1. OOI Array Locations

Figure 2. There are many avenues through which to access OOI Data.

Figure 3. OOI data quality control process


We welcome members of the audience to describe their own use of the data, tools, or modules they have created to utilize the data, etc.